In the Studio with Audrie Mergelman

Audrie Mergelman’s artwork focuses on horses – the animal she calls her “true muse.” She has worked with horses, both in her life and her art since her freshman year of high school when she got her first horse, Syrup. From then on, her love for horses became a lifelong passion. She’s dabbled in college… Continue reading In the Studio with Audrie Mergelman


In the Studio with Peggy Judy

Peggy Judy always knew that she wanted to be an artist. As a girl growing up in Colorado, all she would talk about was drawing and horses. She came from a long line of artists – from her grandfather who was an illustrator for the Denver Post to her father who was a talented artist-turned-nuclear-engineer.… Continue reading In the Studio with Peggy Judy

In the Studio With Sushe Felix

Sushe Felix was born in Colorado Springs, and her work reflects the American southwest. Sushe had taken art classes from when she was a very young kid growing up in Colorado. Her art teachers emphasized clay work, pastels, and lots of drawing. However, as she went through her college and post-graduate programs, she felt herself… Continue reading In the Studio With Sushe Felix