The Great American Bison

The bison has always meant a lot to me. They are, in some ways, one of the recurring symbols of the American West. I use their imagery a lot in my work, and I admire other artists who do, as well. The animal’s majestic nature has always had a big impact on me. In nature, they’re incredibly graceful. And throughout the history of the American West, they’ve played a huge role in families and communities. When they were hunted they would provide food for countless people in an indigenous community. They’d also provide clothing. In fact, the bison had a colossal role in the settling of the West as we know and love it today.

2017 The Great American Bison Image small (1).jpg

That’s why the Tracy Miller Gallery is hosting The Great American Bison show on September 30, 2017, from 5:00-7:00 PM. We’ll be focusing on the art of the New West, with a special focus on the beautiful bison. We plan to have many artists participating.

American Bison Portrait-300.jpg
American Bison Portrait by Ezra Tucker

One Nation Film Festival will be hosting our show, and we are so excited! The bison has always been a symbol of western nature, community, and growth, and we’re hoping that our show will share that feeling with everyone who attends. The art featured is all unique, and we love that it showcases the different perspectives of showcased artists as well as the different ways animals in nature can have an impact on our lives

Bison with Blue Sky by Ray-Mel Cornelius

For more information on The Great American Bison show, please contact Tracy Miller Gallery today. We’re excited to see you there!


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