In the Studio With Sushe Felix

IMG_1135 (1)

Sushe Felix was born in Colorado Springs, and her work reflects the American southwest. Sushe had taken art classes from when she was a very young kid growing up in Colorado. Her art teachers emphasized clay work, pastels, and lots of drawing. However, as she went through her college and post-graduate programs, she felt herself drawn to regionalist artists such as Thomas Hart Benton.

Sushe had the great honor of working with Eric Bransby. He was an excellent mentor as her art career started to grow. In the early 90’s, Sushe discovered the Transcendentalists of Taos. Since then, her work has emulated a similar color palette and compositional structure. Her work flows between the semi-abstract, abstract, and somewhat representational. This flowing feeling in Sushe’s work perfectly captures the natural flow and earthly motion of the American Southwest. She believes that her work is meant to depict the rhythms of nature – and this couldn’t be more clear in her pieces.


In the American Southwest, dramatic natural landscapes with intense light and shadow oppositions across the deserts and mountains are difficult for an artist to capture. But Sushe does it beautifully with her unique techniques. She prefers to work on straightforward landscapes, and hopes that her pieces reflect a sense of joy. “We’re things in nature,” Sushe says. She hopes that with each piece she can bring about that sense of belonging and cohesiveness. We are all a part of these dramatic and stunning landscapes she’s working to capture, along with the earth, plants, and animals. We all make up the bigger picture.


Now, Sushe Felix and her spouse, Tracy Felix, have a desire for a museum show retrospective. They work to stay energetic and healthy enough to support themselves full time while traveling to gallery shows in beautiful places. Unlike many artists, Sushe Felix has no desire to chase the New York art gallery scene. Sushe has no grand illusions of fame – she’s happy staying in the West where things are simple, beautiful, and easy. By staying true to herself and her Colorado roots, Sushe’s work continues to amaze us. To see more of her paintings, head over to her fine art website.


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